Sealed with a Kiss

(Photograph by Dezzan)

Sealed with a Kiss

The long ago Love

in my Heart’s bliss has turned

Far and away

into a wounded kiss spurned.

Memories burn that were once

sweet joy’s core;

all hidden now in an abyss

of shadows lore.

My heart implores that

I never return

to the imprints of loss

and the ghosts of such burn.

Remove all roots from

this garden of mine

I was in such dream when

I thought I was thine.

I alone cannot tangle

with this wound anymore.

Long ago is gone.

My heart longs to soar.

Bring me to a place that

is pure and unknown

Somewhere that frees Love

to each Moment alone.

Seal it all with a kiss

from sweet Love New

From Life,

Mercy, Forgiveness, and You.

©2012 Linda Willows


5 thoughts on “Sealed with a Kiss

  1. Linda, what a beautiful, poignant poem of longing … I love this; and the accompanying photo is truly stunning! Beautifully written, my friend. ~ Julie

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