“The Spaces Between All the Words”

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“This community is gracious, supportive and welcoming. The beauty of it is the dawning experience that each truly finds that blogging is not a solitary experience, no matter what name is used, nor is the act of publishing for the timid. On the other hand, I don’t believe that there is a serious blogger that pours out their work with passion that isn’t compelled by something “other” or deeper to express through blogging.

Ultimately, It becomes an experience delightfully shared with other bloggers through reading, following, discovery and learning. We encounter and develop the fellowship of other writers, thinkers, musicians, photographers and creative bloggers.

We are privileged to share our diversity, our secrets, our passions and our inspirations.  Ultimately a new Unity enters to fill all spaces between all of our words. This, is our shared heartbeat. It arises as we come to recognize ourselves in one another. Then we are prompted to recall that our Hearts do beat as One in the space that we share as Divine work is done” .  ©2012 Linda Willows

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3 thoughts on ““The Spaces Between All the Words”

  1. Linda, what an absolutely beautiful post. You have expressed with such elegance what, I believe, we all feel – and our delight when we discover like-minded people who so quickly and effortlessly become a part of our world. I know that I have been blessed to have you in mine. Beautifully said, my friend, I loved reading this. ~ Julie xox

  2. I love the sense of unity and brotherly love in this post! How wonderful to see the scene in this light. You have gathered the chicks together beautifully…..thanks for sharing. Hugs, Celeste

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