The Candle Lighter Award

The Candle Lighter Award

January 14 by Linda Willows

Good day everyone, I have been nominated for the “The Candle Lighter Award ” by my dear friend Aslan Kranshaw.

I can’t thank you enough Aslan.  Your blog is an inspiration to all. Your writing is beautiful, sensitive and deeply moving. You really deserve this award. Through you and your heart, I am touched by Love. Thank you so much for nominating me!

I love lighting candles and am never without one but I save them for special moments because the light has come to means so much to me. My mother led us in a very sacred ceremony of light on Christmas Eve. We entered a darkened room after a day of silence and contemplation. After the Christmas Story, we lit our Tree with real candles, each one dedicated to a special prayer and intent. Then we had a ceremony with a special urn that held a small flame. We each dropped a long prepared message of our devotion and service intention into the bowl and watched the flame consume the love of our hearts as it lifted to the Heavens. I am sure that my father must have had a lot of water standing by somewhere. There were no other ornaments, except handmade “symbolic” ones made by my sister and I out of whatever we could find outdoors. They were our gifts to honor God. His birthday after all. The lights, intentions, devotion and love which inspired me as a child are in my heart forever. I dedicate this to my mother. She has been with God for 25 years.

The rules for this award are easy :

1- Whenever you see a blog or post you think brightens the world, give them The Candle Lighter Award.

2- Recipients can accept or decline.

3- As a recipient simply accept and nothing more! You can paste this image on your blog, if you wish, and you are done!

4-If you reckon someone else is a Candle, pass it on, anytime and as many times and to as many people. (my favorite part)

My nominations are:

Brother James

Julie Catherine

Envisioning the Future

Happily Ever After Begins

Life Has a Crush on You

Each is unique, special and is a light that contributes to others. I thank each of them for all gifted forwards,

Linda Willows

Author: Linda Willows

Writing feels like a sweet out-pour from my heart. The site shares a collection of more than 400 poems and prayers written over five years reflecting the on the heart's sojourn to, with and in The Presence of God. All written with candor and love's awakening in the bold, daring and deeply mortal moments that we face in the Call to His Truth. Grace grants such peace...all words find Rest and Home in a Place beyond my wonderings!

8 thoughts on “The Candle Lighter Award”

  1. Linda, congratulations to you! I can’t think of anyone, or any blog, more fitting to receive this award than you – your blog is uplifting, exquisitely beautiful, and a light to all who come here to rest and read.

    I am truly honoured that you have given me this award as well. It brought tears to my eyes; happy, joyful, loving tears. Thank you so very much, and I humbly accept your beautiful gift. ~ Julie xox


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