Lost in Space

Hi, pardon the interruption on my site. Everything has been restored (including me!) Enjoy this beautiful photo and I hope you didn’t miss the last Post –  the introduction of my personal diary and journal, “I am…I am not”

It was like a strange prophecy that came true. One minute I had a blog, the next minute it disappeared! I am so happy not to be Lost in Space anymore.



I hope that you are each are well, thank you for all happy new year wishes, my wish is that we all find ourselves and one another in an inclusive, supportive, healing and loving community which expands creativity, expression and pulls the truth, stirs inspiration, healing, beauty in all and the divine Heart in and leading each of us. Welcome!

I am introducing my personal journal, “I am…I am not”. It will only publish to subscribers monthly or bi-monthly. I do enjoy writing in this space very much! You can link by touching the photo below!


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