Nature’s Sweet Hue, two poems

Through the Woods

Walk with me, talk with me
spend the day new.
Let’s roam through the woods; just me and you.
We could whisper of secrets and memories too
as we wind in and out of natures sweet hue.

©2012 Linda Willows

The Forest

Bring me to Nature where true Love abides
in and of all that the hallowed green hides.
A sanctified core lives in mystical peace
within all that breathes in a forest’s reach

©2012 Linda Willows


8 thoughts on “Nature’s Sweet Hue, two poems

  1. Very beautiful Linda. I always love your skill of writing deeply, using romance with a unique magical feeling and several elements. You’re definitely one of my favorites!


  2. Two absolutely stunning poems which, for me, are so easy on the soul.

    I am so much at home with simple words that say so much. Having to work hard at reading a poem detracts from its essence I feel, though I am still just learning about poetry so simple is best for me right now. And I am aware that “simple” isn’t necessarily easy to do.



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