One that was Meek

One that was Meek

My heart does not lie, yet has stories to tell.
Some burned too deeply and to secrets they fell.
They wandered away from the days of my life
Hoping to escape, or gain passage from strife.

As a child in fright hides under the covers dark,
My heart stopped beating when life was too stark.
Another might have rebelled and boldly struck out.
I held on, stayed quiet and suffered no shout.

Decades pass as my demeanor plays sweet.
No one surmises my heart full of heat.
I long too face her and to find her complete.
This child of mine, left alone but to weep.

Such love is aching to fall back and into
The long-lost ago; to bring her here to you.
Then, before and the future await
This prayer of mine; before it is too late.

Empty the quieted pain that stills,
However it comes, its release is willed.
I cannot hide, not even alone.
In the silence I hear yesterday’s moan.

Give me the power and hope from above
To bring all of my heart back again to Love.
I promise to rise to stand, and to speak
with the tenderness and strength of one that was meek.

©2012 Linda Willows


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