What We May Become

May the Wonder of the Divine fill our hearts with Awe. May this awe inspire new thought and forge an ever-increasing will-to-good which transforms hope into action and prompts love forth into choices of compassion, the courage of inclusiveness and the humility of unity.

May we lift our vision and dare to see ourselves and our world, as more than singular, more than one which seeks only for itself, more than one that has a margin for its embrace…let it encircle that which we can fathom only in the most sacred of Dreams.

Let our arms extend from heart to heart in a knowing grasp that touches beyond former reach. And from this bond of purified vision, may we become the founders, builders and the hope itself of a time of inspired action, compassionate fellowship and service which is compelled by a cause greater than our own.

May we be messengers, each, with our unique imprint and voice in these times of passage which call upon the advent of a civilization of peace, unity and compassion; a time which asks that we expect more, but of ourselves, give more, but not in grandeur or with claim, and recognize more in one another. This, not for the sake of Dreams to create but for the surrender of living within dreams which do not challenge the true greatness and capacity of the human spirit.

May we ultimately recognize each as a member of All carried within One Core. Let us find within this embrace, that all families, societies, cultures, living beings and our benevolent earth is known as One Wonder, One Life, sustained by the Beloved, our God as he is named by all people.

©2011 Linda Willows


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