Breathing God

When we awaken, let it be early in the morn. Then the minds of Men are still deep in slumber and silent still. The pulse of Nature quickens with the rising sun and the hour is magical. A deep nourishing in-breath gathers the whisperings of the soul and
beyond, pulling forward into the dawning Light.

We pause, and in our gaze towards the golden orb, we find its reflection beneath our own breath. It awakens as a rising blue rivet found beyond the rays of the dawning Sun. Upon the out-breath, gentle motions of Being  release in waves as from an ocean which brings all to shore with its generosity and grace. It has end. It will never suspend.

When we breathe God, all must surrender to the past and resurrect with each new inhalation. We must met the moment which slides into This. Our Faith is in the power of the Present and the Presence of God. It is in the allowance of Miracles in uniting as one finds eclipse with the unified breath of All. Breathing God is an allowing of the open miracles of Creation to fill the lungs of Spirit, as we inhabit our mortal experience.

Love, Itself aligns heaven and earth. If we fear, or cannot find our way.
We can synchronize ourselves by pausing in the spaces between the rhythm of the breath. Here we allow the still-point to unfold Its mystery. . By trusting, and allowing the submerged to rise and disappear in the mist we learn to pause. We allow ourselves float in the unknown. Only by risking this float in the unknown can the stillness allow the subtle promptings and motion that abides beyond such union to emerge. The Breath is not for one alone. It is All One in Breath of God.

Then, as though a force triune entered with a burst of wind, the Breath arises throughout. Like a bird swept into the air, suddenly freed, the soul breathes forth and utters word and sound as a calling to its own. All into might. Leave the darkened night. Take Courage as your sight and step towards the light. The slumber has broken and breath has taken flight.

©2011 Linda Willows


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