By God Alone

By God Alone

Love does not fall away. It does not lessen with time. It does not cease. The heart, our tender and mysterious dwelling absorbs all, places all within and names each as treasure, beloved, enduring and true. Called forth, Love floods the tunnels, rivers and re-unites Itself with the heart’s own nature.

We feel full and filled, as the sparkling waters of divine joy surround and sweep into the deepest core, save our Lord, Love’s Source and Being ever waiting upon our birth to Grace. We surrender, unfold and yield to embrace.

Love rushes in like crashing waves into a parched land. It feeds, nourishes and restores. We dance to its song of worship, woe and joy and revel in the expanse of heart’s deepening path yet to go. A seed is planted and by Love it will grow. The glorious miracle is enclosed in the sacred core of life. And by God alone is truly Known.

Love does not fall away.  The sensation of its incoming rush is akin only to its indwelling passion for the Original One.  We fall into love. We rise in Love. We allow ourselves to float and flow with the return of the incoming waters. We are carried. We lose our fear of falling. Then we find love everywhere.

©2011 Linda Willows


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