Love’s Vine

I hold my dreams tightly and close to my heart

If I breathe all expands into fragile dark art.

Long rooted past thoughts bind this cast upon me.

I lived in lost promise of one urgent, hidden and unable to see.


Feel my heart beating, feel the wind in my breath.

I am real, put to test, lost and found; God let me rest.

Simply the warmth of a heart close to mine

Would banish this isle and put all past to death.


Give me a dream that is already living

Something to reach and wake sacred heart’s giving

I needed to find you, I called out a thousand times.

but  never a word, a touch or some mystical sign

My heart was left as fragmented by former design.


Would God ever permit me to climb on Love’s vine?

To give this heart’s all to the summit which is Thine?

My Lord, this, a most wondrous dream that I see.

There is promise, hope and birth of truth in me.


May I choose it, never lose it, forever have It as mine?

My heart does seek and find on God’s sacred Love Vine.


©2011 Linda Willows


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