Mother, I Awaken, by Linda Willows


Mother, I Awaken

Mother, time took you so long ago now,
yet when dreams awaken, I fall, a girl bows.

The last time in my arms I held onto her fast
whispering into those stilled and curled last.
Moments to hear of the love rush from me
into the all of what emptied, what fleed.

I whispered of love forever soul basked
curling into her like a child’s form cast.
All of our dreams and hopes snapped in mid-air.
Life gone, unexpected, without warning, fate’s dare.

Empty the morn next when prayers were due
We lasted the night, yet lived without you.
In wakings to come, I bind you still loved.
With no measure, God’s treasure
We’ll be in His Beloved.

© 2011 Linda Willows


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