Mother, I Awaken

Mother, I Awaken

I was pulled into the past with a vision of my mother’s face
Time had weathered the details of her beauty and grace
The last time I saw her she was in my arms and just passed.
My heart held and called to her. That night was our last.
All of our dreams and hopes snapped in mid-air
As a raven takes a sparrow without destiny’s care.

I encountered her not in mists and the hell alone for me.
Impossible, I thought, that such silent stillness could ever be
Rippled clouds formed a drift that stretched through the sky
Even now I can feel an overdrawn and stitched sigh.
Nothing was expected; I held my breath as time went by.

The steps I took without her, led mostly to deep ache
I ran, upheld, returned, prayed and fell to many a searing mistake.
It was my surely time to journey and climb quite alone.
yet I wished, so deeply wished that her love would keep me,
take fear from me, in the times that needed a home.

Time and again I felt God’s heart and blessings near
It was I who had left, hurriedly, with loss of heart’s Dear.
The body and its presence are not the measure of love
It is surely just a shadow of what lies above.

Mother, I love you. To your soul, I bow.
I see you. I hear you. I recall and awaken to the Vow.
In silence is the chorus that you taught me to Hear
The message of Love, eternal, sacred and near.

© 2011 Linda Willows


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