Absorption of Love from a Flower

Absorption of Love from a Flower

My flaws bow deeply before the inborn perfection
Of God’s simple flower, a life of his Love’s reflection
Humbled before the beauty that arises
With the ease of Nature’s blossom.
I dare not think of my own struggles
Which cling together in a bud with no seed.
I pour out the earth of my mind filled with stones
And watching the flower,
I feel the past fall with deepening moans.
Wishing that I might be a space to fill
Such natural grace; something pure of will.
It is loved from within, its nectar sustained
By the Essence pure, one ever maintained.
My flaws bow deeply before the inborn perfection;
Of the living expression that has taken my heart
As I honor God’s flower and with bowed head I pray
For the absorption of Love to enter,
Take all, and lead the way.

Linda Willows


3 thoughts on “Absorption of Love from a Flower

  1. A beautiful thought on personal reflection and communication with our soul.
    It’s a pleasure to read your poems Linda.


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