Hush, the Girl

Hush, the Girl

I speak of small hushed things this while
That for decades have been in my memory’s exile.
All put to rest that I might live inside a girl’s heart
Which was not destroyed before life drew her apart.
All else was extinguished, relinquished and mourned.
The haunting of moments and words were sent back unborn.

How can I advise that the heart be of Love?
When I do not treasure my own name here and sweet above?
I feel that the secrets have made flaws in my heart.
And I feign to bear Love and the Past apart.

Pray heal with mercy of sacred pulse from my Lord
Let me find this breathe as my own in Love’s chord.
That forgives the girl, the woman and she.
Let it find and loves all of them, for they are each,
each one me.

Linda Willows


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