One Single Day

One Single Day

I do not look into the future at all
Each morning I wake to one single day’s call.
I notice with the breeze from the curtains that sway
And wonder what the skies have swept into this day.

Light or dark, rain, sun or cold; it all moves throughout,
With duty and purpose, God’s blue landscape has no doubt.
My heart is bound by the earth and these walls.
My dreams have taken to weaken their calls.
I cannot fly. Cannot soar. The key is often misplaced by my door.

I dreamed that I had it. It was full of Light. Then I awoke and it was one day once more.

One day can be good if it is all that you desire.
Then every treasure becomes a world entire.
Morning, Noon, Afternoon and Night
Pass with acceptance and only faraway sight

Once I will open the hours and fall freely forward
To a day when the curtains draw back to reveal
a portal to the eternity of Love’s open flight.

Linda Willows


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