Heart Motions

I feel summoned to dare my hearts single tear
To make Passage to the Dwelling where God is near.
I fathom, immerse, give away the soul’s night
And fall into the wonder of Grace’s might.

With candor and heart’s curl, there is much I did bare.
I placed my full heart into Divine and sole Care.

It compelled all shadows forward to be faced,
And motioned through fear with a grander pace.
This soul’s ferocity and roots ran deep.
It was time to choose what to leave, what to keep.

The false or hidden possessions of my heart
Pulled like rooted thorns that grew deep and apart.
Take all of me, all the twine, free mine, I pray.
My God, the Joy. I am Thine. Take all this day.

©2011 Linda Willows


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