Sacred Gratitude

Sacred Gratitude

We reach our hands to join with in Prayer. In the silent moment before words begin our hearts become tender with many unspoken words and a flood of personal gratitude springs forward to the moment as though it were hiding from sight, but now seen in the flush of the heart’s tender notice. We pray…

May we find our way to you, our Lord, to be pure and to give thank before your witness.

As I am, may I find my way to honor you, Lord; to stand aligned with Goodness as it pours from your Love and Presence.

As I am, may I already feel your fullness, presence and guidance, for it is now that I need your Counsel, Wisdom and Guidance in all aspects of my life and being.

As I am, please accept my imperfection knowing that I long for completion and absorption in your Sacred Presence; to find home at last in the journey of my soul.

As I am, I vow my gratitude for your constancy, Knowing Grace and give thanks for the small and humble ways that I have come to witness You and Your reflection in life.

I see Your presence within All, the prompting of blessed cause, and birth of the miraculous.

My gratitude will not be complete until has grown to burst from words and gone to an utter silence whispered from the Heart that speaks in chamber with its Maker.

As I become, I will be the gratitude. My Heart will swell with the breath of the Lord and as life exhales from my being I will say, the Lord is Great.

I am filled by the Lord and all is of the Lord. We are all fulfilled by the Greatness of the Lord and are with no other wanting.

Now, in prayer of gratitude, we embrace a deeper commitment from our hearts. We do not simply “give thanks”. Together, we have witnessed the presence, prompting and the wonders of the Lord.

With heads bowed and hearts hushed to loving whispers, we sanctify these moments for reunion and renewal of pure heart with God, the Greatness which knows, sees and fills each of us.

Linda Willows


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