“The Motions of Love”….a poem by Linda Willows


A dance in me motions through seasons beyond,
in long ago rhythms, that captured youths’ song.
It lifted my soul above and with might,
to follow the light that beckoned through night.

No matter what season or passing of time,
the dance was a muse that lifted life mine.
Soft callings on the wind did whisper to me,
bidding my follow of a love symphony.

Ages and years did not lessen the call.
My heart only learned how to bend in enthrall.
For as deep, wide and gentle this lift brought my soul,
the motion imbued from love’s note freed me whole.

Elation and sorrow entwined through live’s bend.
What ached in deep stretch was loosened in mend.
Years, oh decades could never replace,
the wonders of new life with God’s hand in Grace.

What dances is freed to roam heaven and earth…
to lift with the Wind and its music of mirth.
Oh Glory, the road that is glimpsed in such flight,
when taken, is shared in all heaven’s delight.

Not without price is this motion revealed
To open the sacred, we learn love, we yield.
Sweet calling that bids for truths beauteous call;
this is what dances, it is Love’s enthrall.

Of my dance, of yours, of our lives given round-
Let all seasons bring motion that we can know joys abound.
the whispers of the wind from the heavens above
move through us, resounding, in the motions of Love.

© 2016 Linda Willows, original 2015

“One Heart Bears The Other”…by Linda Willows



Who walks in our midst and bears no high will,
no goodness in act – but strides in stealth’s ill.
A quaking far soon; not for child’s’ room;
for ne’er moves a shadow in His Love’s heirloom.

Was a calling for each and all to stand tall,
waking to the dangers of sleeping ’til a fall.
Lure comfort, the unknown; “what future may come”,
in the life of another – we must all feel as One.

We walk in the wounds and the binds of our Own;
no one can fall or be slain all alone.
One heart bears the other, we all find home inside.
Let love cover the children. He will dry each tear cried.

Who walks amidst us and would dare stir a storm;
costly the price of lost time, life and love’s deform.
Rather let us weave a formidable prayer’s mend,
With God’s intercession and our Faith on ascend.

© 2016 Linda Willows

“These Words have been Sown”….by Linda Willows


“These Words have been Sown”

My heart unfolds, treads the shadows revealed,
aches for lost for-givens and outcries unsealed.
Memories unraveled that quaked through the floor…
I lost you there somewhere and my name was no more.

Tender the cavern that floods tears from the core,
aches only larger as pain swells in uproar.
How could we speak words with no noise at all,
yet blood-let our hearts with cries in this wall.

Cross me with new life or grateful, love’s lend;
to uproot this terminal err, pray Godsend.
How long does it take for truth to find way,
to straighten hearts lifelong; to end judgment’s stay.

When mending’s are born in the seam of one heart
it waits till forever in keep of love’s start.
Know that with all that I am, will and pray,
my soul holds you near in the tears of hearts stay.

In forgiveness that mends and binds all our hearts,
I see you and cross through all nights dreamed apart.
Arms reach through heaven for all of God’s known.
That someday you’ll know that these words have been sown.

© 2016 Linda Willows