“Sara, We Hold You in Forever”…by Linda Willows


Long is the answer to this heartbeat’s sweet song,
written before the dawn took the night’s strong.
Answers not written for us in earth’s pages,
But God wrote the scroll that upholds through the ages.

Friend, how we love you and all that you are;
these days as you lie in last moments so far..
All of our hearts long to hold onto a strand-
and reach on to something to give you our hands.

Oh Sara, dear Sara, we hold you in Forever;
the love that you have given – nothing can sever.
Hold you this moment and all those you love,
May God keep His sweet ones, those dearest, Beloveds

© 2016 Linda Willows
Photograph by Supriyo Bhattacharya

“I Sweep in God’s Drift”….by Linda Willows

When `ere the gentle breeze floats by
my heart lifts with a softened sigh…
as though lullaby from far above
had sweetly graced us all with love.

Green feathered leaves form rustled crowds
peopled with spirit that flies to cloud’s lift.
Far in my mind I imagine that I fly
and soar with the blue winds that sweep in God’s drift.

© Linda Willows 2016
Photograph by Katherine Watson

“We fall in to The Divine “…by Linda Willows

OBEAUTY16542375-mdLaurent J. Frigault

Loved in the soaking
of His near Blessings spill,
Sight stunned to awe by the wonder’s gifts still.
Tears, they fall glistened, into heaven’s yoked fill.
Lord I am braced, bonded, vowed to Your will.

Soaring to reach bejeweled stars You design,
Universes sparkle with warmth and Love’s Sign.
The Deep painted with Lapis and gold rainbow skies,
Stretched all through Creation, like a parchment through time.

Pull me to the word, the One spoken from Your Name.
Find me in the beloveds reaching Home to re-claim.
Arching in the winding that ties us to the Vine..
Found in Joy’s soaking, we fall in to The Divine.

© Linda Willows 2016