“This ancient cathedral of God’s sweet serene”…..by Linda Willows


Heart curves to the Face of such beauty as seen,
‘Tis Nature’s sweet bidding’s and tender Light’s green,
That eases all burdens and grasping’s that lean;
This ancient cathedral of Gods’ sweet serene.

Come close and allow me to breathe all of You,
Love blesses each morning that sprinkles the dew,
I pray that Your wonders could wrap me full through,
Your Hidden…such Beauty; we are safe in It’s pew.

Let me hear the sweet whispers of how the wind sings,
I long to remember the chords that would ring
As the Heavens would fly through the trees tops, soft swing.
Let me bend, bind and mend, in the grace of Our King.

©2012 Linda Willows, republish 2016

Photograph by Sergian

“I am to be Blessed”…a poem by Linda Willows

recieve (3)

My heart does joy in His Love’s near embrace…

Empties all in confess before sweet Holy’s Face.

Such marveled Adore, my all seized by Thee…

This birth in galore, I am Adoptee.


Holy instant thunders witness of moment’s true Grace;

Seals atonement’s decree throughout Covenant trace.


Heart lifted of sin, in immortal unlock.

Through Jesus, Salvation, our Pillar, the Rock.

Oh heart share this joy, I am to be Blessed,

Ecstatic love humbles; God’s door has been pressed.


© Linda Willows 2016, original 2014

“Mercy’s All”….a poem by Linda Willows


Come forth, come out you whispered wail,
I hear the heart that pours the tale.
Memories tumble in haunted detail;
They hold, they sting, they cling to the veil.

Yet-“Forward leading, Love preceding…
All brings hope in the dawn of today.
Might receiving, Grace exceeding,
Lord, your yoke is Mercy’s way.”

We suffer the mortal humblings that gain
an entry to the threshold of glory, not pain.
Pray that our hearts be brave, never slain…
and victor of all of Thy Kingdom in Reign.

And-“Forward leading, Love preceding;
All bear the Name that heard His Call.
Mortal Hearts be lifted, gifted…
Suffer no more within Mercy’s All.”

© 2016 Linda Willows

“I am Found”….a poem by Linda Willows


In the sweetness of brushes with air drifts that paint,
a lightness is catching the soft songs of saints.
Hush, oh so new, this is virgin heart’s due,
Born in the dawn, in the silent moon’s hue.

Fragile the silence that draws back the veils.
It breathes in and out with mysterious wails.
Tipping my stance and my former command,
I bend at the door of His Glory and stand.

Tender comes the Light in its touch to embrace
I am covered in wonder, in rapture and Grace.
Like a seedling that breaks with all might, through the ground…
my soul bursts with a joy that at last, I am found.

© 2016 Linda Willows

“In Your deep Love I abide, in Mercy and Atone”….a poem by Linda Willows


What dreams may be shattered are surely no loss,
but parts formed in shadows illumined by gloss.
All thought to be mine, even destined design;
now in ruin and rumble, all a crumbled old shrine.

While this desert, this lone-space and stories poured out,
A whisper of God bundled truth in my heart.
Even the tender, the most fragile life-drifts,
are wooed by a silk wind’s embracing sweet lift.

Call me by my name Dear Lord, the one that You only Know
I will answer to no other now; all else I will forgo.
The Kingdom does receive my all and know me as His own.
And in Your deep Love I abide, in Mercy and Atone.

© 2016 Linda Willows
Photograph by Glazunov Nikolay

“Be Our Hearts, Beautified”…..a poem by Linda Willows


In This Holy heart we bind, twine and mend,
swept into the Grace of a Wind’s never-end.
Spirited, edified and humbled; we bend…
called by deep whispers of ancient Ascend.

Such mysteries fold in veils of Love’s Scribe;
they scatter like seedlings in pastures that hide
the fruits to Become – the Word’s All glorified.
Press it deep into us; be our hearts, beautified.

Calling, we know. We are close. You are near.
Never again could this world quake our fear.
Spirited, edified and humbled; we cheer…
All of God’s Kingdom has come. It is here.

© 2016 Linda Willows

In the Arms of The Dove….a poem by Linda Willows

ZWOMANSOULFR413227Romina Dughero

In soundless tears my soul did weep
and reached towards bold love’s sweet keep
within a brightened canopy of stars
The Lord spilled grace upon mortal scars.

They fell into cloudburst of white light
that danced through my heart with gentle might.
The joy did follow ever after that night
When bare I was, in the Lord’s Graced sight.

Healed dear, as a child, in the arms of The Dove;
My soul then twined and found in His Love.
Each tear caste away in forever’s foreplay….
Oh Lord, mark the night, for You Rule Heaven’s Day.

©2014 Linda Willows rewrite, 2016

Photograph by Romina Dughero