Heart-Winds…poetry of the heart, stirred by the Spirit of Love which motions us towards God; our own journey to the Everlasting.


“Oh, the joy that soaks Love’s brine”….a poem by Linda Willows


I feel a dance within my heart,
pure light does move my limbs;
arms reach high and lift to sky-
leaps and turns peel out to fly.

All that hinders fall behind,
all that wanders comes to find-
this, the dance of all twining mankind;
Oh the joy that soaks Love’s brine.

When I thus dance within my soul
I see you therein, Each, All, too;
lifting me up and out into the blue-
casting my flight into heaven’s sweet pew.

All that binds me now must fray,
all that blinds me pray, fall away;
in this dance of the soul’s sacred way-
Oh find me Love, in the deep prayer of Today.

© 2016 Linda Willows

Photo © Sharen Bradford (Yuan Yuan Tan principal dancer for the San Francisco Ballet performing Jessica Lang’s ‘Among the Stars’ during the TITAS Command Performance.)

“Godly Dare” ~a poem by Linda Willows

original poem written in 2012

Linda Willows

With heart in tow, I advance upon dare
The life that I have, is paved with deep care.
I must not want nor lose myself there…
Even my breath could be lost somewhere.

Spinning upon a few stones in the path
I steady, and feel the
lonesome of wrath.
Dizzying memories
bring heartbeat
to fast
the earth
my soul
in firm grasp.

Horizons each new
and painted deep blue;
They beckon my passion
to deeply know You. I hasten
to leave any hindrance undue.
Godly Sights, sacred dare…Oh, Keep me with you.

©2012 Linda Willows


Photograph by Dirk Juergensen

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The Altar

This poem was written in 2011, I re-post it today and note the Intervention of Grace and Love in my life, how this calling has been miraculously answered! The Alter has been found and seen…Linda

Linda Willows

The Altar

Mercy, Grace, Love and Law.
I prayed for my Lord to intervene,
To Show me a way to feel the Unseen.
I stood before an image naught.
I heard no message or thundering roar.
Not a touch or a light did flash before.
Yet the Lord did find me in the night
As I lay weeping at the door.
And with Mercy, Grace, Love and Law;
I was prompted to give more than I could pour
To empty my heart, soul and sweep
All that I am and then again more
That it may become an Altar to soar.

Linda Willows

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“You wind us, You bind us, through Heaven’s Rainbow”….a poem by Linda Willows


In solitaire’s hours my heart beats to the still;
love wakes through all silence, it rises uphill…
meeting therein all fellows of love;
Your servants, my brethren; the family above.

Breaking through layers which shed shadows that cast,
all I would be or sleep through to the last.
Oh Holy, do deepen my promise so passed.

This moment alone in the temple of my soul-
with curtain drawn back in wait for Love’s whole;
it presses eternity into a day…
as I wait upon God, bowing low in doorway.

For after the hours of mortal hearts’ glow,
are glories of the Kingdom, even now ours to know,
You wind us, you bind us, through heaven’s rainbow.

Then fill me again, with all hours cleansed through,
That my heart is given and given anew.
Lord solitude wakes us to listen- find Grace.
It wraps us with You in such soft love’s embrace.

© 2016 Linda Willows

“All Love’s Reunion, a letter to…”, by Linda Willows


“A letter to Papa in Heaven”

Papa, don’t worry we will all find our way;
though you left for heaven long ago, one dreary winter day.
Life seemed to fold in mists of the skies,
as love leaped from my heart and stole your blue eyes.

Some moments I see you gazing intently from above,
watching from the veil, speaking words of your love.
I know you and feel all the times that you care,
wishing that you could hold or be present to bear
the thousands of acres we wanted to cross….
together, hand in hand in forgiveness and loss.

Remember the campfires when we sang in moonlight?
Love resounded in the mountains lit by joy’s shared delight.
I still hear the songs that you played for us all
inviting all neighbors into circles without walls.
May all who remember your sorrow and strife,
remember this calling, your songs that joined life.

We all leave behind the love that we gave
No mortal things value, past night of the grave.
Neither land nor gold would bring me to you,
or open sky doors to tell stories night through.

Papa in heaven we all come to know
the joy of our purpose is more than life’s woe.
For all of our loss is gain in Soul Heart
As we find all the secrets in Heavenly Charts.

In Faith you saw Jesus on your very last day,
in moments when Love opened and He heard you pray.
All that we held, now left to rescind…
Redemption for our sake, bow us low to the wind.
I pray dearest Papa that, you’ve seen The Lord’s Grace
that you rest in his comfort, his Love and embrace.

For I gaze to Heaven for a day chosen to come,
when all Love’s Reunion finds us again all as one.

©2016 Linda Willows

“With Petals at Thy feet”….a poem by Linda Willows

Alive in your heavenly’s, all the flowers do bloom
the trees stand in grandeur,
they gaze through glory rooms.

All winds sway with mercies,
the lights shine upon Your way,
the airs whispers song….
in the soft wind to pray.

All twines round the Mount’s beauty,
were life reaches to meet…
like vines grown to render
the sweet hue of Love’s greet.

Find my heart there, Lord,
amidst petals at Thy feet…
washed in like dawns’ dewdrops
reflections, Lord, sweet.

Garnish holy vine
now with pearls of sea,
and send on this prayer, Lord, with petals from me.

©2016 Linda Willows

Photograph by Susana Munoz

“My Lord’s keep in Love’s Reap”….a poem by Linda Willows


Oh Lord, my Lord, I pray to grace,
restore, abide and live in all measure,
that is called my own, Your Own, your Loves riches treasure.

Call up my vision, help me to see,
not mortal troubles but life new in me.
Draw me up the mountain of heavenly heights,
and strengthen my climb that perspective delights.

Empty all, oh my Lord, I pray strength through the fires;
take all that would hold me down in the mire…
I ever desire to hold fast to You, my life in your Love, Spirit known in entire.

If ever I come to a time when lost heart,
makes feeble my stance and chastened  life’s art – pray don’t delay all the radiant faith that highlights my climb up your mountain last peak,
For I claim now and ever, my Lords keep in Love’s Reap.

Keep me inside of the cathedral of His Grace;
His words, Your imprint, the breath of God traced.

© 2016 Linda Willows


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