“Thanksgiving Prayer of Grace”…from Linda Willows

OskyF500292Barry Wayne Ackerman

Lord, on this day of Thanksgiving,
we gather to pray before You Blessed by your provision and Presence.
We bow our heads and join hands knowing that
connecting each of us is You,
wound within, between, around and Before.

We marvel with hearts of awe at the wonder, expanse
and reach of Your Power and Love’s reach.

We pray, that all that we are, be emptied before you,
and given to the surrender of Your Grace.

That each of our lives may be lifted and directed
to respond truthfully and fruitfully to the Will of Your Kingdom.

That our appetites, all- be retrained by Mercy and a
heart that sees all whonthirst, that hunger and
long for shelter here and in places near and far.

Lodr, Your Portions are so gracious!

That Love compel each of us to the joy of “a surrendered life”..help us to
allow each hour to shed that in us which is “can be shaken” and stand reveals to the “unshakable” eternal, Your Truth- so that we walk In Your Name alone.

Lead us in forward as Your Faithful Servants and give us courage, boldness, tenderness and compassion yet Father, when we long to return to your loving arms we thank you for Rest, Comfort, Peace and the Holy Restoration that only You can provide.

Thank you Lord, for all that you do. Thank you for Your Care and Your Closeness!

and Father,
We pray that every one comes to know you so deeply as Love, as The Only God.

We pray that they might hear their names whispered upon Hearts and be called Home.

We pray that sll of our hearts are woven into The Kingdom of God,
that joy, love,  peace and the rest of living In You may increase in the lives of every soul that we touch, greet, love, forgive, thanks and pray for…

Thank you Lord,
for the language of Holy Love
that we can appeal to Him in Prayer,
Our Father in Heaven,
In the Name of Jesus Christ.


© 2016 Linda Willows

“Sweet Love’s’ Child in the Breaking”…..a sacred love poem by Linda Willows

Linda Willows Poetry


All that lands in mortal heart…
as bird that lands soft, but soon to part;
In palm of hands, the cup that thirsts-
cannot grasp tight, lest all love bursts.

So fragile is our love desired,
even disguised as ‘ideal acquired’:
all hands that hold this bird in grasp
live out the blow of hearts due gasp.

For no worldly thing may fill this Cup;
the Palm find reaching farther up:
in the bend holds Chalice of the gold,
granted from ancient seeded Fold.

Heart-worldly fragile love finds ashes…
bleeds the letting vein ’til crashes.
Only the soul may keep this Dove…
a testament, all – to God above.

Oh alone
must be sown…
seed home, Lord home.
Hand to open in Love’s joy now known.

Your own, I am
Lord, vein to Heart;
all that begins, is born apart.
Sweet Love’s Child in the breaking sown.
I am, I…

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“Love Finds Me”…a worship poem by Linda Willows

Linda Willows Poetry


Love finds me falling into it’s Grace deep,
a winsome warm wave of sweet callings keep.
Oh follow this near, I could not part very far,
from this Heart of Love’s reap,
not by distance nor star.

Find me in the shining of near Light above.
It hovers, yet reaches to embrace me in love.
Like the twilight that arises as sister to the moon,
Love comes near to touch and I fall into swoon.

Love finds me falling to home of my soul,
tendered with whispers and songs of extol.
Turning my Face to the beauty of Thee.
I am washed in the dawn with heart Holy in me.

©2012 Linda Willows, (republish 2014,Linda Willows)

Photograph Copyright by Nikiforov Egor

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I am the Heart ~a poem by Linda Willows

Linda Willows Poetry

I am the heart that beats until
there is no other silenced will,
in places that would rather still,
I challenge yet to feel and spill.

Dare me not to fall away.
Dare my soul to rise this day,
wrapping each my own fate’s stay
with love that keeps, that binds my way.

When season comes to find me home,
I will be softened, roamed to bone;
lived within each corner of stone
that bound and pulled this life from throne.

But due will be the glory of
such mighty freedoms from above.
My Heart should find its dear Belove,
and there be with all deepest Love.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photographs by Romina Dughero

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“Dissolved in Love’s Deep”…by Linda Willows


I am softly drawn into a Love divine,
as one sweetly held in His sacred vine.
A wreath by day, the Bright lights heart’s Shrine.
And come the night, prayers tender souls bind.

The arms of Heaven opened, revered.
Holy, holy, Our Lord comes near.
A hush of revere bows low, sweet with tears.
Our Father, Abba, The Lord; He is here.

Devoured in the cast of His grasp from above,
my soul is swept full, in a rapture of love..
Of Heaven, The Kingdom and all in Your Keep
we bend, we stretch and dissolve in Love’s Deep.

© 2016 Linda Willows; 2015 LWillows

“Holy Moments from Heaven”…by Linda Willows

a13715988_1747332822179919_703671116264867973_nWe will see Jesus, in the hour near.
Love lets the door press apart, banning fear.
All kindred hearts will fill in deep sweetened air,
and breathe with the Touch that His Spirit does bear.

Oh such Holy moments from Heaven above,
will hasten our heartbeats with the flood of His Love.
Here do we join in full hope, faith and prayer…
Lost and then found in the gain of God’s Dare.

Calling the Glory of the Kingdom Declared,
Lives speak the Word of His Own unimpaired.
Blessed are the Hearts with “The Beloved One”,
We see Jesus today -Our Christ; The Lord’s Son.

© 2016 Linda Willows

“The Vow”….by Linda Willows

He Called to me-bent, I was humbled in tears…
with aches from the past, my heart burning up years.
The Savior had Loved me, and stood by my past.
He held my heart broken, as it emptied like glass.

One thousand years past in the scroll of that heart,
so filled with forever’s, it’s keepsakes and marks.
The deepest of nevers had pierced childhood frights,
Until The Lord marked my Life with His Light.

Grace is the bend that weeps gentle before,
His temple anoints with Love’s sacred door.
All reaching, beseeching and poured to the fore.
He Brings wondrous the Birth of His Threshold’s Adore.

One thousand suns and eternity waits
to receive every heart that surrenders it’s gates.
Every hour, every dawn is a new time to bow
To beseech and appeal, to bend into The Vow.

Oh Lord flood the hearts that seek Mercy’s sweet
Help rebuild the gardens we tend in Your Keep.
To darkness is born a child of the Light..
Today, in our time- bring forward all Bright.

Keep me in faith and humbled to see
my own heart with wisdom that Love comes to me.
Inscribe on my days, the will of His Own
may purpose, repentance and Faith led me Home.

All life, joy and sorrow lives on in me now…
cries for mercy, for God, for the birth of Love’s Vow.
One command from the depths is enough to bring Light
Bring birth to this hour, Lord receive me this Night.

Glory, is in His name, The Vow, Love His Call.
Listen, He whispers, “I was there throughout All”.

© 2016 Linda Willows Reprint; 2015 Linda Willows