“Holy heart, hush – I hear Love’s amend.”……a poem by Linda Willows


My heart lies between two sweet notes of rapport,
first elation that joys and motions the fore,
how it rises, it echoes, Lord deep from my core..

And yet I still grieve even in new frontiers;
with woundings that weep lost in life’s yesteryears-
Lord, praying forgiveness to blanket the tears.

Life’s branches once broken plead their rebend;
they live on in world other until Grace attends.
Holy heart, hush – I hear Love’s amend.

Gladness that joys in all moments of love
bind me in faith as all mends from above.

Glory the notes that call my heart home,
beyond years, time and tears,
they fill my Soul’s Roam.

© 2015 Linda Willows

Photo Credit to  Photographer, Kemal Kemil



Thanksgiving Grace….”Emptied, Lord given; Forgiven-then filled with Love’s grasp”…. by Linda Willows


“Emptied Lord,given; Forgiven-then filled with Love’s grasp”

Lord, on this day of Thanksgiving
gather us before we come to the table of plenty
and offer gratitude for all blessings.

I pray, may our hearts be emptied before you,
and given to Your mercy and gladness.

Lord, help us to open to forgiveness,
both near and far, past and present-
that the purity of love in Your Name takes reign.

I pray, guide us to wisdom,
patience and steadfast endurance during
the seasons of life and ever changing circumstance.

Let us live in the core of Your bright Beacon,
Grateful ever, that You are Everlasting,
and all Goodness comes from You.

I pray, give us the courage to act rightly,
with a deepened Faith that can see beyond
the landscape of the apparent.

Grant us a Love in our Hearts that can overcome all,
be inclusive of all and know Your Mercy. May that love
become action in our lives, families and expand
as you would will it to become a love of peace and sharing.

Lord, I glorify the You in all breaths that I take
and days that I am granted on this beautiful earth.
Filled of every need, I ask one thing….

I pray that I abide in, near and within
Your Heavenly Kingdom here and now;
on Earth as it is in Heaven…
serving Love, Forgiveness and Mercy.

I pray for all people, held dear in Your care
that they bow and weep love in the bend of deep Grace.
May all take hands full in shared holy clasp…
Emptied Lord, given; Forgiven – then filled with Love’s grasp.

© 2015 Linda Willows

For All in The Fire………..by Linda Willows

My own is so broken for all in the Fire,
how can one weep for the world’s heart entire?
Feeling through lines and the borders of all –
the anguish, the death and the cries of man’s call.

Wake us and give us the strength to pursue
each entry that beckons with evil’s review.
For World without check upon fire in the dark
brings tremors in the morn when we wake with a start.

Pray, Lord give me passion to ease pain of grief,
Let all of your people find Mercy’s relief.
Round all the people and tender them Near…
Gather all Good; fold Him in all tears.

© 2015 November 14. Linda Willows

“Every Godly Blue Sky Day” ~a poem by Linda Willows

Linda Willows:

In August of 2012, I wrote “Blue Sky” with love and hope now fully realized, that light and freedom sensed in the “Blue” was like a beacon to keep in the heart always, knowing that we are always in There, able to fly into the Heart of Grace…..Linda

Originally posted on Linda Willows:

Heart, hear my say,
“Let not life pass this way,
Without touching each corner,
and curve of my day”.
I call out to seize
what may feel through the maze
Of all that might dim
or lessen Love’s gaze;
and Upon Its reflection,
the Soul; set ablaze.
And in such endeavor
For the Love and the Beloved,
bind in sacred glory Rephrase.
Then, awaiting your gate
I seal my own fate.
This, small cloud awaiting,
such brief moments of abate.
Heart, hear my say,
“Let not life pass this way,
I fly winged into,
every Godly Blue Sky Day.”

©2012 Linda Willows

photograph by Remi Bridot

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“This Graced Godly Roam”…..a poem by Linda Willows

Words press upon page ever-light to kiss,
Sweet motions set in, my heart moved to bliss.
Dancing between all the notes that set free,
some poet, ago – one that wandered like me.

Hours blessed the days with whispers of prose
as I walked in a garden of winds laced with rose.
Oh let me soft speak; even sing in hushed tone…
some few hallowed words from this graced Godly roam.

Leave me and find me – all good comes Home now.
I’m in the dear fold of the Lord of the Vow.
Pardoned, entrusted, and beloved of Now,
I wander to drift in the grace of endow.

Words press upon page oh, too Light to kiss…
Find each of us, all of us – poets in such bliss.

©2015 Linda Willows (rewrite original 2013)

“Where goes my Soul”, a poem by Linda Willows


Where goes my soul, Love follows near;
It abides, resides and tremors endear…
bids the presence of one, one only tear.

Such aches do speak and tell of all-
the mystery and the wondrous calls.
Symphonies that sound beyond
the Angel’s realm with life unbound.

All Becomes in the chords of Love.
My Soul is freed. I breathe above.
Take me farther than Love could weep.
My Soul does burst upon Thy Keep.

©2015 Linda Willows republish/rework from 2012
Photograph by Goran Kalanj

“Winged Jubilee”, a poem of joy by Linda Willows

ZZfrGGUU8256016-lgDirk Juergensen

Gazing out through God’s sky does wonder me,
I could be as a bird turned for flight, from a nearby tree…

Part of a flock that travels so free,
through the vast ocean of waves in winged jubilee.

I would spread my own span and lift into the blue,
caressing the clouds and fly right on through…

Finding my Own, my last and my First-
all of God’s sown, to quench this Heart’s thirst.

Fly on to the Heavens, fly past all time’s due…
Oh sweetness, This Love, I would fly straight to You.

©2015 copyright,2013 Linda Willows
Photograph by Dirk Juergensen


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