The Sweetness of the Falling…….a worship love poem by Linda Willows

The Sweetness of the Falling……a worship love poem by Linda Willows


Love, come
come close, be faithful and near;
my heart, it swells
and deepens to hear
of the sweetness
and teardrops that
shed when you
are Near.

Can you see me,
Love me;
bring light that I see..
Embrace in the curl of my
Heart ‘lone for Thee.
The Sweetness of the Falling

The sweetness of the Falling
of all love’s true will,
do all my Heart
at the fount
of Gate’s spill…

I long to return, to live
and remain,
in the arms
of a Love hath but
but Eternal to gain.

This, I whisper as I fall
Praying, adoring; tearing the wall…
Oh heaven, remember,
I look to Above.

©2015 Linda Willows

‘Till Morning……………..a faith Poem by Linda Willows

Photograph in “night” collection of Mark Gee

‘Till Morning

The dark falls through
all stars at night…
I wrap deep myself
into swaddling tight.

A Bright burns ‘fore
my trusting heart…
’till Morning; dawn,
The Glory’s new start.

© by Linda Willows 2015

The Immortal Comforter……..a poem and words by Linda Willows

Photograph credit to Statoshi Motoda

The Immortal Comforter

Urgent heartbeats pressed deep to plea,
my calling, sweet Lord – are you near to me?
With hand upon chest to hold my child
this inner pain does lose her cries wild.

Perhaps my need, or fear complete
becomes in pain as a desperate defeat;
Prayers that burn as they lift from my core
are cast to the glow at the Cross by Your Door.

Pray Give one breath that calms this storm,
and ushers the peace of your Glorys’ Adorn.
In trust, and in faith I whispered these prayers,
to the One, in love’s plea for His Holy Declare.

In Shining moment, a stillness did hush…
The Immortal responded, my entire, oh did blush.
The Comfort did bind me with a blessed decree.
Love wrapped me with Rest; such Wonder is He.

© Linda Willows 2015

“Come Free, my Son, lost…”, an open Heart Poem by Linda Willows

My youngest son’s birthday is tomorrow. I love him with all of my heart forever…God be with him.

Come Free, My Son, lost…

Come back, from your leave,
my dear lost son;
Our time is losing; life running from
last chance for blending our Hearts outcome.

Come back, sweet one
the days grow dark
memories bleed until we find
past and present in Love’s bind.

Regret and pain will never bring
the songs that passions longed to sing.
Life motions each to find his way
and leave behind false burdens of prey.

Come free, my Son
I wish you strong
fearless, daring, man of heart
then when I see you, surely then,
Heaven will watch us from the part.

My son, you rose
from love to more
set upon a man’s due path
through calling and your earthen door.

Not without a soul to guide
temper, fill, reveal, reside.
Alone, we each do live and depart.
But Love, oh love must fill our start.

My son, I ache to see your face,
not to discern or judge your way…
but a Mothers heart has imprint of
The birth love Child, that rose from her part;
a marvel marked with Gods good Grace.

© Linda Willows 2015
photograph by “stockphotos.10/”

The Joys’ Adore….sacred Poetry by Linda Willows

Welcome, hope you like the new poem, I am not exempt from falling out of grace, listening to fear thoughts or resting upon pain physical and emotional but I do also experience great Joy and Love when I adore God. We are all imperfect. I need to return to the Lord’s Love and increasing my Faith each morning.

I hope that you are uplifted and feel in your own heart that we each wake in every day with the chance to uplift our hearts despite circumstance: that the ever shifting substance of our lives is the vital core essence of our experiences which whether we find them painful, unfortunate, or temperate are not under the control of our own will. We have divine appointment. The Nature of our experience can be infinitely altered according to our relationship with the Divine, our Creator. When we finally realize that we are not demi-gods, controlling our lives, the earth, our environment, etc- we can begin to experience Diving surrender and a Joyful Rebirth that leads to Direct Experience of God by Faith.
Love, Linda

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (KJV) Hebrews 11:1.

OskyF500292Barry Wayne Ackerman

The Joys’ Adore

Wonder fills with awe and praise;
Daybreak stills my heart to gaze,
upon the silent thunder of…
Your Presence, Peace and sweetened Love.

Though mind and heart, Mine-awaken to…
long aches and pains that break with the dew –
All burden lifts in sight, Lord, of You;
Tumbled forth, oh given, saved, rumbled into
Your first Pew.

With hand upon heart and dying parts
I pray with joy of their depart.
Oh all in view must give to You
even hopes and dreams must stand in queue.

Glory path you shine before
the given Heart, the joy’s adore.
Be ever more in me: I wake…
Though thunderous cries may fall in daybreak.

© Linda Willows 2015

Photograph by Barry Wayne Ackerman

visit his website of amazing photographs at https://www.fotoblur.com/people/etiology


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