As I fly up……………A poem by Linda Willows

“As I fall up” ~a poem by Linda Willows

As I fall up
my arms stretch wide.
I feel a winged
sky born stride.
The clouds pass by
like mists that soar
and tumble round
soft Heaven’s door.
I wish no thing,
I want no more.
This Moment’s rise
‘tis All Adore.
Falling up I shed,
I leapt.
The Glory Light
flew in…
I wept.

©2014 Linda Willows, (republish, 2012)

Photograph by Liloni Luca

“Love Finds Me” a worship poem by Linda Willows


Love finds me falling into its grace deep,
a winsome warm wave of sweet callings keep.
Oh follow this near, I could not part very far,
from this Heart of Love’s reap,
not by distance nor star.

Find me in the shining of far light above.
It hovers, yet reaches to come near to love.
Like the twilight that arises as sister to the moon,
Love comes near to touch and I fall into swoon.

Love finds me falling into its graced soul,
tendered with prayers that invoke Gods’ extol.
Turning my Face to the beauty of Thee.
I am washed, filled within, with soul of devotee.

©2014 Linda Willows, (republish 2012,Linda Willows)

Photograph by Alexander Nerozr

“In Solitude” ~ a poem by Linda Willows

In solitaire I walk this morn,
with non but light’s soft hue adorn.
Within this path that finds my soul,
I pray Gods’ keeping, life found whole.
For in taking of all things;
the swift removal times can bring…
I root myself upon one Bright
and dearest thing with every might…
In solitaire the Soul is known
begotten, loved and never Lone.

©2014 Linda Willows, republish 2012

Photograph by Kupavna

“My soul’s Embrace” ~ a worship poem by Linda Willows












My Love joys in surrender’s embrace.

It empties to confess, it hollows bare in Holy brace.

Thy gentle court, how willingly I come to Thee.

My soul is fed, I am adoptee.

Holy instant bring prayers’ grace

at the seal of atonement’s decree.

I moaned with the rumble of wave and rock.

Heart lifted its sin, an immortal unlock.

Jesu, my dear Lord you held out your arms.

Bowing to Love became such joyous stumble.

Ecstatic love humbles, Gods’ door has been pressed.

Oh feel as I give all I am to be Blessed.


© by Linda Willows 2014


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