Pray this wonder at mist of new day…… a worship poem by Linda Willows

Journey at the break of day; it hallows me, it marks my way.
All my reasons fall away. I sanctify and fall to pray.

Leaves of umber, green and rust
lace the blanket of ground I trust.
embraced by sweet earth tendered there,
I am misted and kissed by the morning air.

Take my arms now open wide,
and all of my heart: humbled, untied.
Take all in through thy sacred side,
my path of Life, Your step, Your stride.

Pray this wonder at mist of new day,
brings me closer, bound in Thy Way.

©2012 Linda Willows, republished 2014

Photograph by Micke Jakobsson.

Soul kiss…………….a wonder poem by Linda Willows

Heaven touched my face and lips,
as dew in gentle spirits kiss.
It rushed these Petals here for bliss
that I may feel Soul of such Wish.

Only in the gentle midst
Of sacred gather in such mists,
would I come to find the hush
that follows love’s first sacred rush.

That and all born tender such…
as Heaven finds my Heart’s love’s touch,
is wondrous, kind and dear to the tips
of Soul, met parts, of this Heart, due kissed.

©2012 Linda Willows, republished 2014

Photograph by Esteban Rios

On Bended Knee…………a worship poem by Linda Willows


On bended knee I find my own,
the way of simple letting known.
Freed are all the burdens kept
out they flew, oh out they lept…

I bowed by head to let all dim,
The Love, came then, it soared, poured in.
My all curled toward the mercy Bright.
I fold my heart around this light.

Wrap me round and fill me tight,
I never want to leave this sight.
Let the fetters of the day,
find their way without my say.

I need to Love on bended knee,
it is how I learn to ever see,
that all is so much farther than,
the Whole and heart of even me.

Life, its source, its beauty of…
comes free, but Let from far above,
and when we bend our lives to love
with care and deep humility,
we touch the portals that do hold
the embrace of sacred love extolled.

©2012 Linda Willows, republish 1214

Photograph by Kemil Kamal

Silence grows to bare soul’s word………………..a poem by Linda Willows

No word or act must hide or reap
that speaks to rob of justice bold,
Or strain the pour of deep soul vein,
to marks such pain…as falsely told.

Call the word to dare it now
Soul breathes first to toll the bough.
Small wrongs become the severed vasts
that slow devour that trust must last.

And in its place comes cloaked remains;
the loss of trust, the deep red stains.
Stand back from dare to advantage here,
A cloaked ext-ere bears more to revere…

For silence grows to bare Souls Word,
and motions forth the pour of Right
upon all set to doubts Its might.

©2014 Linda Willows, republished 2012

Photograph by Vladislav Antonov

Love’s due circle, softness keeping……a poem by Linda Willows


My Soul does bow before God’s estate..
the meek, the tender, the surrendered great,
all that serve with fearless gait,
all that stand fueled by an inner elate.

I smile to feel my hand extend
From inside out to rounded befriend.
Coming, feeling, reeling, reaping
Love’s due circles, softness Keeping.

All become beloved ones near
able to reach, touch each, shed tear.
And in the midst I see all to revere,
God’s heart, everywhere, with us, a sphere…

Grander than what any sky splendor can show,
Greater than what our own minds could know…
I feel the grandeur of this moment’s Sun.
I witness Loves Might to embrace all as One.

©2014 Linda Willows, republished from 2012

Photography by Bortovoi

In the fields if God’s almighty mound, a poem by Linda Willows


Love witnesses Itself in glory’s abound.
It plays in the fields of God’s almighty mound

In swirling designs that display beauty’s law,
It seeks our amaze as we tremor with awe.

I walk towards and into the Sacred Heart,
abandon all veils that would keep us apart.
Then swept into heavens’ that spur Loves ignite,
I am caressed in my Soul with the wondrous Light.

Held as dear Lover, true mate and One note,
I am flush with God’s cover, immersed to devote.
Now ever as witness, one that bears the embrace
A Soul, ever near, bow to Loves Holy face.

©2012 Linda Willow; reprint 2014

Photography by Belua Gheorghe

Whisper, my heart whispers……… Linda Willows


Whisper, my heart whispers, and the silence will not come.
Love winds stir the chambers and disrupt the peace yet done.

Shall I ever feel the words or simply let them fall and run.
Shall I end this clever hiding; give my heart its freedom won…

Simple to denounce all, hide deep and cloak with the Still.
Adept at all the motions, I have yet danced to mark my will.

Yet the whispers do not cease and my soul does hear their call…
words ache into opening and reveal Loves’ deep flawed fall.

Whisper, my heart whispers and the silence will not come,
Peace, it measures justly sees the heart, to Love succumb.

©2012 Linda Willows

“Holy, holy, love comes near”…………by Linda Willows


Holy, Holy, love comes near…

I am covered low, in love divine

as one braced in softly sacred vine.

A wreath by day, thou lights heart shrine.

And come the night, Star shine, soul’s brine.

The eyes of Heaven open revered.

Holy, holy, Our Lord comes near.

A hush of prayer bows low sweet with tears.

Father, Abba, Our Lord, He is here.

©2014 Linda Willows

Photograph gratitude to Agnieszka-Anues

“your name’s sake”……………….a devotional poem by Linda Willows

With all I am I called your Name,
My heart in pause of deepened pain.
No night again would hold me from you
Or keep me in deep and darkened view.
Instead I am a child forgiven;
Loved, held, healed, given.
I am your own, redeemed; driven.
All live to seek you in daily wake.
Heaven quakes with your name’s sake.
When called by name all Love reveals
Your power, my God, Christ Jesus heals.

©2014 Linda Willows

Photograph from the portfolio of satrifoto.livejournal


“The bend of Godly route”………………….a devotional poem by Linda Willows


These sacred flames burrow in to out
winding the bend of Godly route.
Forming new life in creations hold,
in Gods own hand my soul quickens bold.

Reaching in, knowing sacred blood given,
Called breath to heart, then glory risen.
Holy might does bind this seed.
Treasured to Love, bear fruit, live freed.

Captured with wind, a dance with light,
motions my  heart  to quake in this night.
The flame of love  meets shining embrace
as I lean to Our Lord, of such Mercy, all Grace.

© 2014 Linda Willows

Photograph appreciation to David Galstyra

My soul belongs to You……….a devotional poem by Linda Willows

ZWOMANSOULFR413227Romina Dughero

In soundless tears my soul does weep
It reaches near bold love to keep
A brightened canopy of stars
Look down upon such human scars.

Fall they in to river of light
Rushing through my heart with might.
For joy does follow even this night
As I lay bare in my dear Gods sight.

I am healed as a child, in the arms of love;
My soul belongs you above.
One tear does fall if only to say,
You, my Lord are for all breath to pray.

©2014 Linda Willows

Photograph gratitude to Romina Dughero

Mercy tears to Lord, Love…………. by Linda Willows


Thank you my precious Lord

For hearing my prayer,

Listening as I call upon your deep Mercy

And love, with my hearts

Asking, though my tears may

Come into the river of appeal

And soft words of hope whisper

Through waves of lost clouds within,

You hear me.

You come to me.

I may feel lost and far away,

My greatest faith may be tested

In the need of a self so bare.

The child of my own within

Calls to you with loving prayer.

Father, come to me and heal,

The wounds that leave me dark.

Bind your mighty light upon

My every part from ever to now

You, I keep myself besides.

You, I live to find all truth

You, are the One that is All

Of Life, All of pupose, and the

Keeper of my Soul.

Holy Father, save me, keep me,

Love me in your might and

Width and breadth and ever greatest

Being, to Fathom, yet to Feel,

I live in Hope of You, Complete

Only in You. In Gratitude to You,

Dearest Father, abiding in All,

I love you with all that I am

Holy One, Amen.

Linda Willows

Photograph by Kemal Kemil

“Peace of all Love”….a devotional poem by Linda Willows

corePsalm xmas_candles1 A thousand lights bring passion of Surrender to Christ, peace of all Love. A sacred fire through my soul sweeps. Love kindles the tear; therein, I weep.

My soul leaves all in shadow behind, And floods this precious moment Divine. I cast my soul into the Lord’s Grace, Unhindered by all that would sever embrace.

Grant me each moment in awe of your power. Humbled, forgiven, with songs of loves hour. My Lord, I live but to be in your Heart. There found, redeemed, all Love to impart.

©2014 Linda Willows

The joy of Jesu…..”devotions”, a poem by Linda Willows


ZZWOMANFR431718glazunovnikolayMy heart does speak in the dawn to your Face
Jesu, hidden beyond shining cloud’s lace,
Universe bows, lights sparkle in space;
Far comes to near in a moment’s embrace.

A tear of my own does glisten bright,
As my heart lifts up to Joy’s delight.
Merciful shadow I am to thee.
Keep me low, near and sweetened,
Calmed, and constant at Thy knee.

©Linda Willows 2014

“Bowing to Love”…………..a poem of devotion by Linda Willows


My Love joys in surrender’s embrace.

It empties to confess, it hollows bare in Holy brace.

 Thy gentle court, how willingly I come to Thee.

My soul is fed, I am adoptee.

Holy instant bring prayers’ grace

at the seal of atonement’s decree.

I moaned with the rumble of wave and rock.

Heart lifted its sin, an immortal unlock.

Jesu, my dear Lord you held out your arms.

Bowing to Love became such joyous stumble.

Ecstatic love humbles, Gods’ door has been pressed.

Oh feel as I give all I am to be Blessed.

© by Linda Willows 2014

“Whispered Love”…. a devotion by Linda Willows


My heart does not belong to thee
It lives, yet now is earthly free.
Oh Vine that stood within all to be,
I found your tender roots in me.

How such divine could find me at last
I pulled the ends of my life through my past.
Can it be that this beauty at dawn
Had never left me, nor withdrawn…

That I instead had turned away,
For fear that Love had seen my decay.

Oh Godly might that comes in the night
We are certain, most dearly lifted to Light.
There is my Heart as it clings to Day’s Vine
Such Holy, oh whispered Love, may it ever be mine.

by Linda Willows

Photograph with gratitude to the talent of Robert Nozza

“Pray us Home”….. a poem by Linda Willows

Home. Lost or dream wept. It is ours to be kept.
The light does reach those corners yet,
Such shadows stretch, some darkly set,
Feelings abandoned like long due debt.

The door may creak, it weathered much.
Oh kindly try, it aches for the touch.
See the dust and tall history crests…
sparkle like gold in the shine of one test.

Call them again, let them return,
They who lost all and forgave not the burn.
God does look in and wrap round Eden’s blue,
Such mystery days will recall Love’s Rescue.

Pray us home, Love.
Let History be birth’s, New.
Forgive our lost way,
as we come Home sweet to You.

Linda Willows

Photograph by Vasil Anastasovski

“Come home to me now”………….a poem by Linda Willows


Come home, Come now, Come home to me.
There was a life of our own, overthrown, don’t you see.
In the shadow of memories, I called out to your nights,
Yet in pieces and silenced my own cries held no rights.

Come to me now, even come to me late.
I’ve grown old and I’ve bent the whole way to forsake.
I can’t give you still what was lost in the wake
Of our grieving, all left with eternal thieve’s take.

Tender hearts fall through the Grace of springs dew,
Asking permission to feel once with you.
Mist covered all of their dreams in the blue,
They slept, oh, they wept and danced in slow view.

Life does bend, it curls round and winds deep,
we search, we pray, falling towards your safe keep.
I loved in this life in the dearest of ways
Wrapped with my heart in Your sugar sky days.

I could bring what I own and set table for you.
It is humble, bare, yet my soul is there too.
Sit with me, share this grace, all rounds renew,
Where blossoms the Beauty, there I see Love too.

Linda Willows

Photograph by King Douglas

Take my Hand……..a poem by Linda Willows

OLandscapeFR16059914-lgMartyn FoxHeart, dear…come along,
we are walking
we are new.

All of God’s garden,
feels our footsteps
beneath the dew.

Round grow the blossoms
they, open for you.

 Feel dear, how the winds lift…
As I turn, whirl, dance love’s hue.

Heart, dear…find the silence
lest my words all lost in weep.

Wonders, blessings, beauties,
these are all our to keep.

Please dear, see still yonder,
is a land that waits to greet.

Hand, dear, take my hand and
lift our journey soft to sweet.

Linda Willows

Photograph by G. Martin Fox

Love whispers……a poem by Linda Willows

Owomanbutterfly55206 somy samanif
Alive in your land, all the flowers do bloom
the trees stand in grandeur,
they see heavens rooms.
All part as mercies,
bow sweetly your way
and Love whispers sing,
in the soft wind to pray.

How it all twines round
the earths beauty sweet,
leaning into more tender,
these blossoms of souls greet.

Find my heart midst
petals at thy dear feet
washed up to thee, singing to meet…

Garnished with holy vine
from the pearls of sea,
This one ever prayer, sent still from me.

Linda Willows

Photograph by Somy Samanif

Words press upon page Light to kiss… ~a poem by Linda Willows

Words press upon, page Light to kiss…
as sweet motions that set, this my heart forth in bliss.
Dancing between all the notes that set free
some poet, ago…one that wandered like me.

Hours bless the days with whispers of prose
as I walk in a garden of Winds graced with Rose.
Let me soft speak, even sing in hushed tone,
some few hallowed words from such Godly Roam.

Leave me and find me, all comes Home now.
I am in the dear fold, of the Lord of the Vow.
Words press upon page Light to kiss…
We each live among this Almighty bliss.

©2013 Linda Willows

Photograph by Ludmilla NG

My deeply bowed head… ~a poem by Linda Willows

Owomanf255050David Galstyan

Your Love does drape and wash my heart,
It offers life, where once did depart,
the hopes and dreams of most humble start,
even my faith, oh Dear Lord, this deep part.

Honor restores with my deeply bowed head,
this journey, this world, how it turned, how it bled.
Give pardon and mercy, release Love’s embed,
come through my garden, sweep days ahead.

If Love does not reign all shall wither and die…
each creature, each mortal; we would rise in a cry.
Help find the cloak that would warm all our Souls,
and prompt all Hearts in most sacred ex-toll.

©2013 Linda Willows

Photograph by David Galstyan

I Hear You… ~a poem by Linda Willows


I hear you in the silence of…
sweet dreams of mine, that whisper Love,
in the night time of my breath,
the very mist of light and death.

I hear your heartbeat in my own…
strong, revered, as though one known,
sounded in the chambers of
my soul’s entire, here and above.

©2013 Linda Willows

Photography by Sfylwia Makris

How I love you, child of mine ~by Linda Willows

How I love you, child of mine
more than a life, more than time.
Speak no more of past or crime
all was bleak, such seasons thine.
Each call hindered Heart and Vine.
There was no Hand to place in mine.

How could you know the ache that pours
when breath does want to spread its oars
held instead a captive of,
this long ago, this haunted love.

How I love you, now I pray
that God will find us all someday.
Where once was loss, may Grace find gain,
our breaths and hearts, one in Your Name.

Child of mine, you live in me
forever loved, for all to see
When I breathe let come to be…
our hearts joined in The Mystery.

©2013 Linda Willows

Photograph by Kemal Kemil

Cup the Love’s Wine ~by Linda Willows

Heart of mine,
I bend to breath…
I stiffen, ache
as you break to Lead.

While your beating,
tempers my moon,
the might of its rivers,
take my fears
to full swoon.

Truth take the Core
of these flights to near doom
and wash me ashore
with your Hand’s cradled womb.

Heart of mine, bend,
cup the Love’s wine,
fill all the channels
with That which is Thine.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Gromova-Kal’Minsky

Empty Palm’s Grace ~by Linda Willows

OwomanfF456363Belyaeva Light

Come forward, face the sun,
day blossoms as done.
Horizons lift into
life’s heart golden spun.

Walk from the silence
of the peace that comes due,
when the Heart is the frame
and Love, the View.

Ache with the calling
that stirs to become,
to touch all that Breathes
in the mystery of One.

Leave all, let fall;
no possession may keep…
deeply the motion,
even though heart may weep.

Found in the glory
of empty palms grace,
is the fill of a Kingdom
that brings Souls embrace.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Belyaeva Light

Oh Wrap my self through, Lord ~by Linda Willows

OskyF500292Barry Wayne AckermanYou are my Heart, the fire, my sight in the night
bearer of wisdom and keeper of Light.
Stay near, I love, I give you my life…
Not part, but all and atonement from strife.

Bear from my soul, a humble walk’s bend,
to Your shining extend, a Grace without end.
Keep me, Receive Me, Oh wrap my self through,
Find me with Heart, one given to You.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Barry Wayne Ackerman

My Prayer ~Linda Willows….”tears reach upwards…”

Last night most us had a moment of pause after the unspeakable events that unfolded during the day at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The shock of what happened was so great that for many, it took time to fathom the unthinkable. We each found the “hour” when the tidal wave of grief from this tragedy struck and we bowed our heads in prayer for the suffering of the families, the children and the indelible wound that has marked the Heart of our Society.

Late into the night, my chest tightened, eyes could not stay closed; I sat upright and curled forward into deep sobbing. I felt all the Vigils, all the prayers and was moved to join with those of Love and Goodwill of every faith that were creating light in this world, Love here and hereafter by turning to God. This one call is the greatest and most powerful one, It bids all that is Holy to enter into our Lives. It can turn our tears into waters which nourish a healing that inspires action, compassionate living and change.

When I am alone in the wee hours of the morning, I too can become like a child. I can fear. I can want to feel safe. Tears reach upwards.  As a child of God, I pray…

“Lord, come close to me. Keep me folded in your Breast. Let me be Near and Know You. Hear my Heart as it calls in Love for You. Dear Lord; I turn my face to You, seeking to know Your Way in all things. Help me to fill with Light and Love that Compassion and Healing may form as a lamp within my Heart.

For Your Presence, I am grateful,  humbled by the power of Your Love and Divine Embrace. For You, Lord, I turn to my own Heart and to this World with Love. Light the Lantern, my God, as I walk and breathe and live forward.”


With all of my Love to each and all,

Meet me There ~by Linda Willows

OlandscapeF508652John WicklineMeet me there
in the sweet green knoll
breast of my Love,
that garden of ole.
Feel the grasses wind round
and blanket the earth
with palms turns upwards,
mounds of God’s mirth.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photography by John Wickline

Exhalted ~by Linda Willows

OdreamF55548Patrizia Burra

Exalted, I would ask this small,
this most infinitesimal
grain of all
to carry my heart,
and soul’s dear call
back to the
That Created All.
Given, as love would implode
so wed to self as
lovers of old.
Heaven smiles,
she hums, she drifts,
carriage for such love extolled,
behold, she lifts.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photography by Patrizia Burra

Color the Wind ~by Linda Willows

OLandscapeReflectionF500293Barry Wayne Ackerman

leave nothing behind.
Color the wind
with my hearts dear unwind.

I’ll carry no burden
to weigh down
this flight.
At long last
my wings
are spread,
blue sky in sight.

cleanse all I find..
Empty my vessel
and bear me no bind.
Near is the Sun,
I am new. I am shined.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Barry Wayne Ackerman


Angel Soul ~by Linda Willows

The angel soul finds
this the darkest twine;
an ivy grown from garden mine,
bleeding to blush
the white softness of Thine.
Tempered, stilled,
a grieving old vine.

Sweet were all callings,
Oh then Lord I wept.
I needed to feel
that by You I’d be kept.
Twining my heart is a blush
kept to bear
Keeping me from you,
it needs so to wear…

Angel soul, dark entwine,
how will you find
Lord, the Sweet,
Divine All,
Loves’ true Enshrine.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photography by Christian Weiss

Held ~by Linda Willows

Owoman378172ffEnzo Perrazziello

Dropped like the petals of yesterdays bloom
this, as the leaves of my heart peeled too soon.
When is the bud, a promise, a hope,
how can time furrow all into cocoon.

Dare I open and shine in the sun,
brine the leaves as they warm in dew’s run.
This I would languish and freely desire
yet clipped in the winds would be fate’s conspire.

Dripping instead, are these petals so fair
almost naked to touch, soft, not dare,
core of a Heart that wanted to live.
Breathe in the air that God’s nature could give.

Blossom these petals and find their fair time.
Lift from the fragrance its’ sweetness sublime.
Open and tender the Heart deep to wide,
Let soft leaves caress and Hold Dear beside.

 ©2012 Linda Willows

Photography by Enzo Perrazziello

Sweetness of the Falling ~by Linda Willows

Love, come to me, come near
my hear swells
to hear
the sweetness of all
that your
Presence brings near.
Love, see me,
bring light to me,
give some embrace…
all that I am does feel
such due grace.

Sweetness of the Falling
of All Love’s true will,
Place my Heart at the fount
of such River’s spill…
I long to return, to live
and remain,
in the arms
of a Love hath no end,
Soul to gain …

This, such I call and this I do love,
Oh heaven, remember,
I look to Above.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photography by Nicholas Javed

Peace falls so gently ~by Linda Willows

falling peace down
lets soft,
lets round…
gently rolls from
deep veils
to new ground.
Simple, it allows,
it leaves,
all sound…
pure imprint
earth bound.

falling peace down
with gentle
sweet pleas…
as clouds
in dawn’s breeze,
wander fore,
to Love’s ease.

Peace falls
so gently,
it sways
to The way…
seeking its
in found Day.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photography by Patrizia Burra

Loves’ dare ~by Linda Willows

What must have suspended the breath, this night
calming to tone with all sound of delight
The hum of a heavenly bird caught sight…
the sweet song’s divine yet innocent invite.

Can another make such peace so still, inferred,
winding throughout like incense and myrrh…
calling to hum with some magical confer,
Love dared to enter and left all with her.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photograph by Kemil Kemal

Loves’ Sigh ~by Linda Willows

11f9ae05e022d5ea932476bbfd5c64f2Love dares to return
with most gentle refrain,

Lapping into waters,
that seek her warm gain.

Rocking sweet rhythms
that open hearts’ door,

Soaring through heavens
and gifting adore.

Softly I rise from my
dream of the night.

Finding Love wings on
my shoulders a light.

Flutter of beauty
caressed my heart bright,

As I sighed, let breath,
and smiled in delight.

©2012 Linda Willows

in the fields of Gods Almighty Mound ~by Linda Willows

Love witnesses Itself in glory’s abound.
It plays in the fields of God’s almighty mound

In swirling designs that display beauty’s law,
It seeks our amaze as we tremor with awe.

I walk towards and into the Sacred Heart,
abandon all veils that would keep us apart.
Then swept into heavens’ that spur Loves ignite,
I am caressed in my Soul with the wondrous Light.

Held as dear Lover, true mate and One note,
I am flush with God’s cover, immersed to devote.
Now ever as witness, one that bears the embrace
A Soul, ever neda Willowsar, bow to Loves Holy face.

©2012 Linda Willow; reprint 2014

Photography by Belua Gheorghe

Whisper, my heart whispers ~by Linda Willows


Whisper, my heart whispers, and the silence will not come. Love winds stir the chambers and disrupt the peace yet done.

Shall I ever feel the words or simply let them fall and run. Shall I end this clever hiding; give my heart its freedom won…

Simple to denounce all, hide deep and cloak with the Still. Adept at all the motions, I have yet danced to mark my will.

Yet the whispers do not cease and my soul does hear their call… words ache into opening and reveal Loves’ deep flawed fall.

Whisper, my heart whispers and the silence will not come, Peace, it measures justly sees the heart, to Love succumb.

©2012 Linda Willows

When the hills call me home ~by Linda Willows

When the hills call me home
I roam, I roam…

Entering the green
I know home, this my nome.

Nature enters the breath of my Soul
Whispers beauty, weeps to extol.

Let all rise, come to pray…
Home, Home, faraway,
Belong, be Love, Be here to stay.

©2012 Linda Willows

Photography by Jody Miller


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